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The 10 Best Restaurants in Lake Arrowhead

The 10 Best Restaurants in Lake Arrowhead
Written by Eddie White

Looking for the 10 best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead? Then we got you covered. Here we have the 10 best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead.

There’s nothing better than finding a wonderful restaurant after a long day of work or outdoor exploration so that you can rest your weary bones and restore your energy with a hot supper.

In this respect, we are able to lend a hand to the 10 best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead.

Here is a list of some of the greatest restaurants in Lake Arrowhead, perfect for all situations, be it casual or a date night.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Lake Arrowhead

Here is the list of the 10 best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead to try.

1. Papagayos Restaurant & Cantina is a Mexican restaurant

El Papagayos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, which opened in 1983, is a family-owned and -operated establishment serving traditional Mexican cuisine in a relaxed, informal setting with a patio and beautiful lake views.

The greatest margarita on the mountain can be found at El Papagayos, one of the best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead.

One of the best mountain restaurants for a relaxed meal with loved ones.

What to eat

  • The Margaritas and Nachos are delicious together, so feel free to order a bunch of them.
  • The Burrito Bowls and Rice & Beans are also excellent options.

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2. In Belgium, Where They Make Delicious Waffles

In Lake Arrowhead Village, you’ll find Belgian Waffle Works, a lakeside restaurant that’s been around for a while and is known for its delicious waffles (both sweet and savory) and other fresh foods like sandwiches and salads.

This is the spot to go if you want to taste some of the finest cuisines in Lake Arrowhead.

Whether you’re in the mood for sweets or a hearty breakfast, Belgian Waffle Works never fails to provide.

What to Eat

  • The Brussels Waffle, which is essentially a waffle-shaped Monte Cristo Sandwich, comes highly recommended.
  • Indulge in one of their delicious Belgian waffles.

3. It’s time to stop by the Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen

The Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen is a popular waterfront eatery known for its patio and substantial American fare.

Visit the Lakefront Tap Room Bar if you’re looking for a great location to eat while in Lake Arrowhead.

Kick back with a beer and some tasty pub food in this fantastic establishment populated by wonderful people.

 What to Eat

  • Treat yourself to a tasty meal by ordering a Breakfast Gyro with Tater Tots, then round out your meal with some Pretzels and Fried Pickles.

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4. The Original Cottage Restaurant

The Original Cottage Restaurant is a family-friendly Italian eatery in Rimforest, California that first opened its doors in 1976.

Reserve a table at The Original Cottage Restaurant, widely considered to be the finest Italian eatery in the area.

You’ll want to make frequent visits to this restaurant because of the pleasant experience it provides, from the inviting decor to the kind staff.

What to Eat

5. BIN 189

The Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa’s onsite restaurant, BIN 189, is known for its hearty American fare and relaxed atmosphere, making it a great choice for families.

Do you want to impress your date with fantastic meals, a breathtaking vista, romantic outdoor dining, and attentive service?

I recommend BIN 189 if that’s the case.

They also provide a lounge that is kid-friendly for those that need to bring their little ones along.

 What to Eat

  • We suggest starting with the Butcher’s Block and moving on to the Filet Mignon or Delmonico.

6. Bill’s Villager

Blue Jay, California’s Bill’s Villager has been around for a long time and is a cozy diner that serves classic American fare including burgers and pancakes.

Trying to find a casual breakfast spot in the neighborhood?

Get yourself a cup of coffee and something extra to get you energized for the day ahead at Bill’s Villager.

 What to Eat

  • To start your day off right, put in an order for the Ham Steak, Eggs, Pancakes, and a pot of strong coffee.
  • We recommend the Country Fried Steak if you want to eat a lot of food in one dish, which is perfect for brunch.

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7,  Cedar Glen Malt Shop

The Cedar Glen Malt Shop, on Hook Creek Road, is a popular spot for locals to grab a burger, fries, or a shake in a laid-back, casual setting.

Need to make a quick meal break but don’t know where the best places are?

Visit Cedar Glen Malt Shop, often regarded as the best eatery in Lake Arrowhead.

It’s nothing fancy, but the neighborhood regulars keep coming back for the burgers and shakes.

 What to Eat

  • The fries, shakes, and malts cooked from scratch are out of this world.
  • Our expert opinion is that you should have the Hot Caramel Swirl if you haven’t already.

 8. Stone Creek Bistro

Farm-to-table American and French comfort food are the focus at Stone Creek Bistro in Blue Jay, California.

Is your special day approaching?

For your birthday, why not have dinner at Stone Creek Bistro, widely regarded as one of the finest eateries in Lake Arrowhead?

Reserving a table in advance is highly recommended at one of Lake Arrowhead’s finest restaurants, where the service, food, and atmosphere are all top-notch.

 What to Eat

  • We highly recommend the dazzling Tomato Bisque, Brussel Sprouts, and Shrimp & Grits.
  • You can’t go wrong with either the Filet Mignon or the Short Rib.

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9. The Grill at the Antler’s Inn

The Grill at Antlers Inn & Resort in Twin Peaks, California is a popular dining option.

The restaurant serves up steak, spaghetti, and sushi in a cozy, lodge-like atmosphere, with a new American twist.

Have plans to take the wife out to eat tonight? You should bring her to The Grill at Antler’s Inn, one of the city’s finest eateries.

You’ll notice the great atmosphere, friendly people, and beautiful open beam ceiling of this cottage right away.

 What to Eat

  • The bread and pear pudding are delicious, and the salmon with mushrooms risotto is a close second.
  • Try some of the sushi; you’ll see why it’s so highly recommended.
  • Each bite will stun you with its incredible freshness, high quality, and flavor.

10.  LouEddie’s Pizza

LouEddie’s Pizza is a cozy, cabin-like pizzeria in a cozy, bi-level setting that serves the greatest pizza on the mountain, as well as salads, craft beer, and pizzas that are both traditional and creative.

One of the best eateries in the region is LouEddie’s Pizza.

Eat-in customers can take in the scenic vistas of the mountains and the sounds of live music on some evenings while feasting on a great pizza on the patio.

What to Eat

  • Be sure to acquire an order from the restaurant’s famous Garlic Knots.
  • LouEddie’s Special is a must-have, but if you’re fussy about your toppings, you can also create your own.

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