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The 9 Best Fun Places to Eat in Tampa

Written by Eddie White

Are you looking for the best 9 best fun places to eat in Tampa? Then we got you covered.

Florida’s Gulf Coast is home to the city of Tampa. In the north, the city borders Tampa Bay, while in the east, Old Tampa Bay forms part of the city’s border.

Hillsborough County’s seat is located in Tampa, the largest city in the Tampa Bay area. According to the 2020 census, Tampa will have a population of 384.959, making it the 52nd most populous city in the United States and the third most populous city in Florida after Jacksonville and Miami.

Below are the 9 best fun places to eat in Tampa.

The 9 Best Fun Places to Eat in Tampa

1. Riveters

Nostalgia for the time when women’s roles in society and the workplace were revolutionized permeates the decor of this unique restaurant.

This kooky hangout, with its homemade kitchen and namesake Rosie the Riveter decor, is a lot of fun. The Kram Prime Rib Sandwich and the Hellcat Wings are two of their most popular items.

There’s comfortable indoor seating, and occasionally there’s live music performing on the patio right next door.

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2. SiX

The rooftop restaurant SiX at the JW Marriott is the best place to enjoy a dinner with an outstanding view of the city skyline. The indoor bar area is more lively and social than the poolside patio.

The Rose-Colored Glasses cocktail is a popular choice, and diners then choose from a menu that includes such delicacies as Day Boat Scallops, Seafood Conchiglie, and Focaccia Crusted Grouper.

Weekend lunch and dinner regulars at SiX rave about the Rack of Lamb and Cauliflower Steak, two of the restaurant’s many non-seafood specialties.

3. The Till  & Rooster

It should come as no surprise that this Florida eatery has garnered praise from notable chefs because of its open kitchen and inventive menu.

In the evening, Rooster & the Till features dishes with an array of international flavors, including their signature Smoked Beets, Iberico Ham, Parisian-style Gnocchi, and Miyazaki Hand Rolls.

If you’re looking for a drink to pair with the excellent food at the Rooster, you’ll be happy to know that they offer a broad variety of wines, as well as hand-crafted cocktails and zero-proof fun drinks.

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4. Ichicoro Ramen

One clue to the variety of meal options available at Ichicoro can be found in the restaurant’s low tables and tree stump seats.

Even if you have to wait in line for a bowl of the Tonkotsu or Spicy Kimchi Ramen at this Tampa institution, it will be well worth it.

The Pork Steam Buns are a delicious take on a classic snack, and there are many other unique varieties to be found here.

5. Luv Child

Luv Child is a cut above the other local eateries thanks to its exotic, modern, and enjoyable vibe. In addition to serving lunch, supper, and weekend brunch, this cool hangout also has Cuban music and a Havana Happy hour.

Luv Child’s Late Night menu features small appetizers perfect for sharing, while the bar’s rainbow cocktails are always available.

The gorgeous Frozen Watermelon Margarita and the Cubano Sandwich with Poblano Queso and Shaved Brussels Sprout salad are among the most popular items on the menu.

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6. Babushka’s

In a setting reminiscent of your Russian grandma’s kitchen, this local Russian restaurant serves traditional dishes from back home.

Typical dishes served in abundance here are the pancake-like Blinchikis, the Sturgeon Caviar, and the Russian dumplings called Pelmeni, which tastes precise like they did when your Russian Babushka made them.

7. Soul of Korea

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 22 Nov 2017: Close up on a Ramyeon, Korean instant noodles with the Korean cooking style. The popularity of Korean cuisine has certainly been growing with the influence of K-pop within this recent years in Malaysia.

Soul of Korea is unlike any other Korean restaurant in Florida due to the comprehensive nature of the Korean cuisine it serves.

The Bulgogi, Beef Short Ribs, and Japchae are all recommended by previous diners because they are tender and flavorful without being overly sweet.

Locals and tourists alike frequent this family-run establishment for its consistently high-quality food and sweet mochi for dessert.

8. Thee Treehouse 

The eccentric furnishings at Thee Treehouse can only be described as “unique.” Diners at this fun eatery may enjoy crowd pleasers like Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Poutine while gazing up at the lighted ceiling mural that circles the enormous indoor tree.

Indulge your inner child with a White Gummy Bear Martini on a porch swing by the outside bar or the interior walkway.

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9. On Swann

On Swann is one of the greatest restaurants in town to visit if you’re in the mood for something unusual due to its commitment to using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The Mediterranean Share Board and Bees in The Trap, a cocktail made with rosemary and lavender, are two of the most ordered items at brunch time.

Garden Social, a cocktail flavored with cucumber and basil, is available, as is On Swann’s Mahi Mahi with Mango Crab Salsa. The blue tufted leather chairs and cheeky colored glass chandeliers soften the room’s industrial vibe.

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