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Where to Find And Buy Marsala Wine in Grocery Store?

Where to Find And Buy Marsala Wine in Grocery Store?
Written by Eddie White

Enjoy it with chicken marsala, a rich sauce, a decadent dessert, or just as an after-dinner drink; this fortified wine has been around since the 1700s. Marsala wine is versatile enough to be both consumed and used in the kitchen.

However, you may be wondering where to locate Marsala wine in the supermarket.

What is Marsala Whine?

Marsala wine, also known as a cooking wine, is frequently used to make nutty, rich caramelized sauces. However, certain kinds are enjoyable on their own.

Experts on wine argue that anything made outside of Sicily cannot be considered “true marsala wine.”

According to the grapes used and the winemaking process, Marsala wine can be broken down into a number of subtypes. Typically, low-quality fine marsala is created for use in the kitchen, although four other grades—superior, superior reserve, virgin, and virgin reserve—exist above fine.

In general, marsala wine has notes of stewed apricot, vanilla, tamarind, brown sugar, and tobacco. However, if you get the chance to drink a high-quality marsala, you will also notice notes of apples, dried fruits, morello cherry, honey, walnut, and licorice.
A fortified wine known as “Marsala” comes from Sicily.

Some varieties of Marsala wine are suitable for sipping, but the majority are used in the kitchen to make sauces with a nutty, rich, caramelized flavor.

Marsala wine typically has notes of stewed apricot, vanilla, tamarind, brown sugar, and tobacco, but if you get the chance to drink a high-quality marsala, you may also detect nuances of apple, dried fruits, morello cherry, honey, walnut, and licorice.

The fruits and winemaking techniques used to create Marsala allow for the wine to be classified into distinct categories. Low-quality fine marsala is created for use in the kitchen, although four higher-quality varieties exist above fine: superior, superior reserve, virgin, and virgin reserve.

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Where to Find And Buy Marsala Wine in Grocery Store?

Marsala wine can be located in the vinegar section or the wine section. Marsala wine for cooking is stored with vinegar and other cooking wines while consuming Marsala wine is shelved with the other dark dessert wines.

But if you’re thirsty, head to the wine aisle at your local supermarket. You might not be able to find Marsala wine in every supermarket’s wine area. Nonetheless, if it is present, it will most likely be with fortified wines and sweet wines.

Typically, drinking wine is the best option when looking for Marsala wine for cooking and drinking straight. Because it’s not meant for drinking, cooking wine is significantly less sweet and won’t taste the same.

Where to Buy Marsala Whine

To see if they carry Marsala wine, check out this list of some of the most popular American supermarkets.

Whole Foods

As the wine selection in Whole Foods’ catalog is subject to change, you should call ahead to confirm availability. Marsala cooking wine is available at most Whole Foods locations, and you may expect to find other varieties of wine in their booze aisles.

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Cooking wine is readily available even if drinking wine is not. Both cooking and drinking varieties of Marsala wine can be found at Safeway, another major supermarket chain.


Always double-check the store’s hours and be aware of the legal drinking age in your state.
Marsala wine is great for cooking and desserts alike, and if you happen to live near a Kroger, you won’t have to worry about running out of either.


While most Super Targets stock sherry, some do carry marsala cooking wine. One can purchase a bottle of Target’s Marsala wine, a sweet red wine, from any of their wine racks. The grocery selection is small, and there aren’t many wines suitable for cooking.


Some Walmart locations may sell Marsala wine for drinking, although that is not always the case. Find out more information at the Walmart near you.

It just so happens that Marsala wine may be found in the world’s largest supermarket shop, Walmart. If you’re looking for a good cooking wine, you may get Holland brand Marsala cooking wine in the wine aisle at Walmart.

Guide to Online Wine Shopping: Marsala

You can get Marsala wine delivered to your door from these stores if you live in a state that allows it.
Due to legal restrictions, shipping wine across state lines can be a complicated process when shopping online.

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Use this with Marsala cooking wine or any other ingredient you need to create the perfect dish.
Online grocery shopping is made simple with Instacart, too. You may buy what you need without leaving the house because it sets up a delivery system using the nearby grocery stores.


A 45-ounce jug of marsala wine and a sampler pack of various culinary wines are just two of the many brands and sizes available. Marsala wine is one of the many things that can be purchased on Amazon.

It’s possible to buy wine online at You can definitely find and have shipped to you (if purchasing alcohol is legal in your country and you are over 21) whatever vintage or brand of alcohol you are looking for.


Walmart has a pickup or delivery service, so if you don’t mind waiting a few days for your supplies to arrive, you can order Marsala wine using the Walmart app and have it delivered to your house.

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