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Easy Ways on How to Locate Curing Salt in Grocery Store

Easy Ways on How to Locate Curing Salt in Grocery Store
Written by Eddie White

Using Curing Salt in the grocery store can help you avoid nutrient-losing illnesses and spoilage by killing bacteria in the goods it’s preserving.

Due to the breakdown of the potassium chloride into ammonium sulfate, the bacteria are dehydrated. Even though there are numerous types of curing salt that is very effective for preservation, there are times when a substitute must be used.

It’s possible that you don’t want to utilize nitrogen in your food curing or that you simply can’t obtain access to curing salt in your location.

Is it okay to consume curing salt?

If the cured meat is eaten soon after it is cured, the curing salt won’t have had time to cause any harmful effects.

You’ll also need to watch your intake levels.

You’ll be OK so long as you keep it in mind.

However, there are other options available for those who would rather err on the side of caution.

Among these alternatives are evaporated cane juice, sea salt, celery juice, and vegetable juice powder.

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Easy Ways on How to Locate Curing Salt in Grocery Store

Where can I find curing salt?

The spice or seasoning section of the store is where you’ll find it. The position varies by the supermarket.

You’re still having trouble locating it, right? In that case, feel free to approach a staff member for assistance.

They will help you find the appropriate location.

What stores have curing salt?

Curing salt can be used in a wide variety of dishes. It’s commonly used to give processed meat its characteristic pink hue.
It also helps foods last longer on store shelves.

You probably know by now that curing salt isn’t something you’ll find on the shelves of your average supermarket because you’ve probably attempted to find it.

But I have included every potential location where you can get it down below.

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Several brands of curing salt are available at Safeway. You may order it online and have it delivered, or you can find it in the Spice section of most major supermarkets.


Amazon is one of the most popular shopping websites in the world since you can find just about anything there, even groceries.
Various brands of curing salt, including McCormick’s fine ground Himalayan pink salt and Anthony’s Pink Curing salt, are currently available on Amazon.

The Asian Financial Markets

Most Asian grocery stores stock a variety of salts. You may check out Yamibuy or Oriental Mart to see if they carry what you need.
However, if they don’t, try one of the other stores we’ve recommended.


Salts for treating wounds can be found on the Albertsons’ Spice aisle. Don’t be bashful about stopping by that aisle the next time you’re in any of the store’s locations.


Those looking for curing salt will find plenty of options at Walmart. Additionally, you can find it in the spice and seasoning department.

Local Butcher Shop

Yes. Instead of heading straight to the grocery store, you should probably start with your neighborhood butcher to see whether they stock cure salt.

World Spice Merchants

True to its name, World Spice Merchants carries a variety of curative salts. You can choose the quantity you want, whether it be by the bag or by the cup when you place your order online.


Wegmans does not have to cure salt at this time. Instead, it has cured port, which is made with salt. Hormel salt pork is available both online and at any of the company’s retail locations.


H-E-B is a high-quality supermarket, and curing salt is quite simple to locate there. You can get it at any of the nearby retail outlets or place an online order.

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Shopping Advice for Iodized Table Salt Used for Healing

A novice may feel overwhelmed by the wide selection of curing salts on the market. That’s exactly how I felt. I didn’t have time to give any of the concepts—pink salt, pink salt Prague, or Prague—the attention they deserved.

Because of this, I’d randomly buy different kinds of salt. For very some time, I cured sausages that looked weird, tasted bad, and had a foul odor.

Consequently, I finally made the time to learn the basics. I also discovered where to find the best curing salts for barbecuing:

Salts like Intacure and Prague are among the fastest acting.

Due to their ability to dry quickly, Instacure and Prague salts are typically used for things that need to be pre-prepared before being heated. Speedy curing salts have a wide range of potential applications, from curing ham to leather to smoked salmon and salami.

Postponing repairs with Prague / Instacure.

These seasoning salts, commonly known as curry powder, are ideal for preserving raw meats and fish. Some steaks are an example. Meats preserved in Prague saline last noticeably longer than those preserved in other ways.

Genuine nourishment has a pinkish or reddish hue, and a change in color may indicate the start of the decomposition process.

If you care about how your barbecue looks, you should search for items that are darker in shade. They will give your barbecue a more authentic flavor.

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