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10 Fantastic Things to do in Sanford Florida

Fantastic Things to do in Sanford Florida
Written by Eddie White

You’ll find Sanford, the county capital of Seminole County and a major city in the middle of Florida, in Sanford. The population was 61,051 as of the 2020 census.

If you are planning to visit Sanford Florida, then here are amazing and fantastic things to do during your stay in Sanford Florida.

Fantastic Things to do in Sanford Florida

Below are fantastic things to do in Sanford Florida when visiting.

1. St Johns Rivers Company

The Barbara-Lee, flagship of the St. Johns River Company, is the only vessel of its kind on the St. Johns River. It is longer than 100 feet and is propelled by safe and strong diesel rather than deadly steam engines.

The vessel’s original construction dates back to the 1980s, although it has undergone a major refurbishment during the past decade. Getting on board is, in many respects, like traveling back in time.

The ship has approximately 200 passengers and features a large paddlewheel, traditional furnishings, and five decks. Taking a river trip is the best way to see breathtaking scenery and learn about the region’s rich history.

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2. The Wayne Densch Theater Center

The Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center is a theater on South Magnolia Avenue in Sanford that hosts plays, musicals, movies, and concerts for the local community.

The historic theater that serves as the center’s beating heart was constructed in 1923; it has been updated with modern lighting and acoustics, but its relatively small size allows for a more personal experience than patrons would have at larger, more urban contemporary venues.

Their Facebook page is the finest resource for keeping up with their latest services and upcoming events, but those who aren’t comfortable with social media can always give them a call.

 3. Visit the Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park.

Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park, spanning Lake and Seminole Counties, is a vital wildlife habitat and a recreational hotspot. The park’s name comes from the confluence of St. Johns and Wekiva Rivers.

Horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and watching animals are among the most popular things to do in this approximately 20,000-acre park. There is a wide range of camping options, most of which are rustic and set apart from the rest of the world.

There is easy access to the park from State Route 44. It’s the kind of location true outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers might spend days exploring and appreciating.

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4. U-SAIL of Central Florida

Some of Florida’s most beautiful rivers include the St. Johns River and Lake Monroe.

There are several tour options for seeing these sights, but U-SAIL of Central Florida may be the best bet for people who want to really get out on the water, have a blast, and maybe even start a new and enriching pastime.

It is a one-of-a-kind facility that has been continually listed among the best sailing education enterprises in the country due to its qualified captains and teachers with decades of expertise and its fleet of boats of varied sizes.

You may find them in Sanford at 201 N Palmetto Ave.

5. Delirium Band at Buster’s Bistro

Something about Florida’s year-round warmth makes the state an ideal setting for performances of all kinds.

Many regulars at Buster’s Bistro in old town Sanford consider it an absolute must to see Delirium Band whenever they perform.

A wide range of listeners will find something they enjoy in the band’s repertoire, which spans the decades from the ’50s to the present day.

The band has some of the area’s best musicians, and their sound spans from country to pop to classic rock. Since they rotate between different frontmen, you might have a slightly different experience each time you catch them live.

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6. Exhibits at the Sanford Museum

The adventure of a trip away from home can be thrilling. Costs can add up quickly depending on your itinerary. Consequently, it is a pleasant surprise to discover a free attraction, especially if it is also informative while traveling to unfamiliar locations.

Sanford Museum has been the city’s primary archive for local history, culture, and economics since 1957. There is no downtime; you can visit any day of the week but Sunday and Monday.

Many artifacts from the neighboring Naval Air Station are also on display, along with old photographs, papers, and first-hand descriptions of life in bygone years.

7. Limo Cycle Tours

Groups of up to 15 people can enjoy a professionally guided cycling tour, which is the best way to see the sights and get a feel for the area.

The bikes used by Limo Cycle Tour are multi-seated, so all of the guests ride on the same bike rather than having to share and risk falling over from weariness.

Pub tours, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and even fascinating scavenger hunts are all part of the available packages, and all come with a guide.

It is requested that attendees bring their own beverages and snacks. Except for Sundays, you can find them there any day of the week.

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8. Zoo and Botanical Gardens of Central Florida

People who want to see the natural world in all its glory flock to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, which is located in the Sanford area.

The zoo and botanical gardens have been in their current locations since the mid-1970s, but their origins date back to the early 1920s when they were established near Orlando.

The facility is the type that can keep visitors entertained and engaged for the greater part of a day, with its roughly 400 animals and various diverse planted gardens.

The price of admission includes parking, and visitors with valid tickets can return on the same day.

 9. Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe

Palate Coffee Brewery

Hollerbach’s Willow Tree CafĂ©, located on East 1st Street in Sanford, has been a favorite among locals for over a decade thanks to its dedication to serving authentic German fare.

Though they do carry a few non-German items, it’s the German sausages, deli meats, schnitzels, and freshly baked goods that draw in the crowds.

It’s family owned and operated, and they’re very proud of their accommodating service, delicious food, cheap rates, and warm, welcoming ambiance.

It’s close to town, so you can go there after a long day of walking about town and enjoy a nice meal and a few drinks as you relax and refuel.

10. Palate Coffee Brewery

Coffee is a delicious and energizing drink that is widely enjoyed around the world, whether in the morning or the afternoon and in any of its countless delicious forms.

Palate Coffee Brewery is a one-of-a-kind Sanford establishment that is run entirely by volunteers who are committed to ending the lucrative global human trafficking industry.

The brewery is well-known not only for its commitment to a good cause but also for the high quality of its coffee, which it achieves by roasting its own beans and employing skilled baristas.

It’s not going to be the cheapest cup of joe you’ve ever had, but consider how many lives could be improved with the money you save.

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