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The 10 Best Things to do in Murphy, North Carolina

10 Best Things to do in Murphy
Written by Eddie White

Murphy, in North Carolina’s Cherokee County, is a historic and culturally significant location.

Murphy is the place to be if getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the peace and quiet of the mountains has always been a lifelong goal of yours.

This picturesque town of 1,627 people in the heart of the Alps is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature.

Read on to learn about the 10 best things to do in Murphy NC which are exciting activities available in Murphy, North Carolina, at whatever stage of your trip.

1. Visit Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like to go to casinos and try their luck.

This casino is a must-see for everyone who enjoys the sights, sounds, and overall atmosphere of a casino.

Guests have the option of renting a private room.

Over a thousand slot machines are available to guests at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel.

There is also something for you if you’re a sports fan.

The Book is a relatively new addition to the casino that lets you wager on sporting events.

Apart from that, visitors can choose from a wide variety of restaurants.

This hotel has everything a guest could want, from a Starbucks to upscale family eateries.

A scenic drive leads you right up to the doorstep of the home.

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2. Explore the past at the Museum of Cherokee County

One of the city’s most recognizable structures is the Cherokee County History Museum.

So, please don’t forget to include this in your planned activities.

An impressive amount of artwork documenting local culture and history may be seen here.

The museum plays a significant role in the daily lives of locals and the economy as the Cherokee Nation is the largest American tribe.

Tours can be reserved in advance by contacting them directly.

To make things even more hands-on, they also provide workshops and classes.

3. Take a Walk Along the Murphy River Walk and Relax

The Murphy River runs right through the heart of town, making it an important and influential feature.

The Murphy River Walk’s natural splendor will also leave you speechless.

It’s a well-known path, both in the area and beyond, so you should expect to share it with other hikers if you go.

In addition, it’s accessible to people of varying degrees of experience, which is great news for parents of young children.

Dogs are welcome on the route, but they must be on a leash at all times.

One more thing going for you is that there is plenty of parking.

The trail’s paved segment may be found to the north of the river, specifically in Konehete Park, and is accessible to people using strollers and wheelchairs.

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4. Go to Andrews Brewing Company for some tasty microbrews

Eric and Judy Andrews, owners of Calaboose Cellars Winery, launched Andrews Brewing Company in the fall of 2012.

This cute small bar has quickly gained notoriety among mountain locals as the place to be for a few cold ones.

This establishment caters to beer nerds of all stripes with its extensive list of handcrafted brews bearing amusing labels.

5. Go on a Paranormal Tour

Murphy, North Carolina is rich in history, and Legend Has It Tours is a local company that focuses on providing educational tours of these sites.

The Dead Are Among Us Tour: A Paranormal Tour Only is an entertaining tour in which you will work alongside real paranormal investigators.

From laser thermometers to ghost boxes, you’ll become proficient with the tools they employ in their investigations.

Although the briefing only takes 30 minutes, the investigation itself can take up to 2.5 hours, so be on the lookout for some tense moments.

6. Experience the finest wines at Nottely River Valley Vineyards

Nottely River Valley Vineyards is the place to go if you’re looking for a calmer atmosphere.

Check their website for information on upcoming wine-tasting excursions and other activities.

A glass of wine and some relaxing time here is the perfect way to take in the breathtaking scenery.

Because of the atmosphere, happy hour here has a whole new meaning.

The proprietors are lovely people who have extensive knowledge of wine and how to make excellent vintages.

You should definitely bring a bottle or two home with you.

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7. Stop by Two Crows Farm Alpacas and say hello to the critters

The farm that raises and sells alpacas under the name Two Crows Farm is an independent operation that advocates for country living.

Mike and Woody Ham, the farm’s owners, are the best kind of hosts.

You’ll get to see all the animals on the farm, including the 43 stunning alpacas that are the primary draw.

We keep them because of the high quality of their wool. It will be a great time for kids and adults alike.

You’ll need to make a reservation, so check their website or give them a call right away.

8. Visit Nantahala (Hanging Dog) US Forest Service Campground and have a great time camping

Camping opportunities abound in Murphy, and not just far from the cabins that attract nature lovers.

Nantahala, also known as the Hanging Dog US Forest Service Campground, is a popular camping spot due to its proximity to Lake Hiwassee.

It’s a lovely 8-kilometer (5-mile) journey from Murphy to get here.

It would seem that a life spent in the wilderness, sleeping under the stars and partaking in other nature-based pursuits, would be a rich and rewarding one.

Hiking through scenic forest paths, horseback riding, kayaking, and boating on Hiwassee Lake are all available as additional recreational amenities to keep you busy while camping.

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9. Tour Apalachia Lake

Apalachia Lake, also called Apalachia Reservoir, is located in Cherokee County, west of Murphy.

That lake is one of the most well-known and significant in the country.

Its length is roughly 9.8 miles, while its shoreline is a whopping 31 miles long.

A day spent here in the great outdoors could not be more ideal.

Enjoying a picnic, going camping, going fishing, and doing similar outings are just some of the many family-friendly activities that can be done there.

Private, captain-led boat cruises are also on offer.

This is the place to go if you want to take it easy and immerse yourself in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits.

Check out the site’s seasonal guide for a variety of activities, from hiking to waterfalls to swimming to tubing, and more.

10. Spend Time in the Woods and Have a Biblical Adventure

Situated at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains, this park is a sight to behold.

The park features a landscape design inspired by the Bible.

The 200 acres that makeup Fields of the Wood are home to stunning mountains, streams, valleys, and forests.

The man-made pieces here that draw from the Bible are the most intriguing aspect of the site, though.

The Ten Commandments Mountain is a major attraction in this park, along with the nearby Baptism pool and the Arise and Shine sign.

You shouldn’t miss this massive exhibit, which serves as the park’s main draw.

There is a gift shop and a café for those who would like to purchase mementos to take home with them.

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