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The 10 Best Things to do in Lexington, SC

Things to do in Lexington
Written by Eddie White

Want to know the top-notch and exciting activities available in Lexington, South Carolina?

Just as the old adage goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” so too should visitors visiting Lexington, South Carolina, act like locals.

Residents in this area are strongly encouraged by municipal authorities to make the most of their leisure time.

Lexington, located in Lexington County, is renowned for its beauty and charm.

Located on the shores of Lake Murray to the west of South Carolina’s capital city of Columbia, it is the county seat and largest municipality.

Continue reading to know the 10 best things to do in Lexington, SC.

1. Animal Parks and Gardens of the Riverbanks

Only a short drive from downtown Lexington, the Riverbanks Zoos and Gardens is a wildlife lover’s paradise.

Tigers, lions, seals, wallabies, and komodo dragons are just some of the species from Australia, North America, Asia, and Africa that call this facility home.

Over 2000 species of animals and a wide variety of gorgeous plants populate the zoo’s 170 acres of territory.

The young ones are taken on a tour of the various facilities, including the playhouses, the splash pads, and the rabbit holes that they can crawl down.

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2. Spend the Day Playing Golf at LJ’s Par and Grill

Great cuisine, live music, and a good time—what more could a golfer want? That’s exactly what you’ll find at LJ’s Par & Grill Restaurant Bar.

All levels of players, from professionals to casual enthusiasts, have access to top-notch practice facilities.

It is a pleasure to use the driving range to hone one’s golfing skills at this facility.

The automatic tees are a popular amenity, and the facility has a huge teeing area that can be covered or open.

To set up the ball for a swing, golfers no longer need to bend down and lay a tee on the ground; instead, the process is automated and takes only a few seconds.

The automatic tee is convenient since it eliminates the need to bend down and place a tee, a common source of stress for golfers.

Here, not only can you get some great golfing in, but you can also look forward to some tasty meals. During your stay in Lexington, South Carolina, you really must stop by this restaurant.

3. Water sports on Lake Murray

Incredible though it may be, Lake Murray is truly breathtaking.

Those who appreciate being on the water will find Lake Murray to be a paradise for a variety of recreational pursuits.

The area is marketed as the “Jewel of South Carolina” because it offers visitors a world-class “Playcation” for thrill lovers.

And it’s not just a lake. We invite you to experience the splendor that is Lake Murray Country, home to world-class fishing, boating, golf, BBQ, and breweries.

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4. Those that rocked up at the Ice House Amphitheater

Ice House Amphitheater in Lexington has seen some incredible performances by legends like Billy Joel, John Mayer, and Alan Jackson in recent years.

For years, patrons have lauded the cutting-edge facilities, which have brought live music all year round to the sleepy hamlet.

“a key step and impetus for rebuilding Lexington’s Main Street,” say observers of the venue.

There are 900 seats in the amphitheater, but spectators can also sit on the grass or look down on the action.

The Lexington Barbecue Festival and Fair, as well as festivals geared at families and children, are held at the concert hall.

The Ice House Amphitheater is a popular spot for a fun evening in Lexington.

The new concert hall joins the Palmetto Collegiate Institute, the Lexington Municipal Complex, Virgin Hylton Park, and Lexington Square Park as venues for local and touring acts.

Where once there was a 1928 ice plant stands today the “Icehouse” amphitheater.

5. Billiards at Grady’s

Those in need of a pool hall in Lexington should head to South Lake Drive to find Grady’s Pool & Billiard Hall.

The pool hall has a “great selection of delicious drinks” and is “built for full entertainment capacity,” according to the regulars.

Customer reviews consistently describe Crystal, the current owner of Grady’s, as “a beautiful homegirl.”

Absolutely, we look forward to our visit.

Crystal and the restaurant were both enjoyable for my mate and me.

Fun place to play pool and watch sports on TV. Indeed, what else could one want?

They say it’s just like a pool hall from the ’70s, complete with vintage decor, excellent tables, affordable drinks, friendly staff, and steaming mugs of joe.

Grady’s is professionally run and the place to play real pool, according to the regulars.

The diamond tables are always clean and have the best service. If it were closer to where I lived, I’d be there every day.

In 2004, “The Professor” Grady Mathews, the original owner of Grady’s, was inducted into the One Pocket Hall of Fame.

To popularize the game of pool, Mathews launched a tournament series called Legends of One-Pocket.

He was a billiards coach and instructor in addition to writing a sports column for InsidePool Magazine and contributing to The National Billiards News, The Snap Magazine, and Billiards Digest.

6. Jogging on the Dreher Shoals Dam

Fans of walking, jogging, and skating frequent Dreher Shoals Dam, which was completed in 1930 along with Lake Murray.

Sports and fitness enthusiasts would benefit greatly from regularly jogging and skateboarding along the 5.4-kilometer (2.7-mile) out-and-back section.

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7. Work out with a view of Lake Murray and the city of Columbia.

Lake Murray is a reservoir in the U.S. state of South Carolina

The Saluda River Dam, now known as the Lake Murray Dam, was constructed for the purposes of providing water, generating hydropower, and preventing flooding.

In 1930, when it was completed, the dam was the largest earthen embankment dam in the world.

Its construction allowed possible the formation of Lake Murray, the largest artificial lake in the world.

A dam made of roller-compacted concrete, measuring 213 feet in height, was built in 2005 to mitigate the effects of a potential dam failure brought on by an earthquake.

An annual high school football league matchup between Lexington High School and Irmo High School is called “The Battle of the Dam,” named after the nearby Dreher Shoals Dam.

Peachtree Rock, a 20-foot-tall upturned pyramid in the nature park, stands on shaky ground.

In contrast to other preserves with well-kept hiking trails, artificial lakes, and mangroves, the Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve has been left in its natural state.

Fossils of long-extinct marine life can be found at Lexington, South Carolina, along with sandstone layers, towering long-leaved pines, and the state’s only waterfall.

Any level runner can enjoy this 4.2-kilometer circle in Lexington.

Take the kids and the dogs out for some fresh air and some birdwatching.

To ensure everyone’s safety, please bring trail maps that highlight kid-friendly routes, and keep your pets on a leash.

This historical, cultural, flora, fauna, and geologically diverse natural preserve is jointly managed by The Nature Conservancy and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Government agency collaboration projects protect longleaf pine forests, eradicate invasive slash pine and replant with longleaf pines in 2007, and promote longleaf pine germination and growth.

8. Services for Renting and Taking Tours on Pontoon Boats

The Lexington, South Carolina-based Pontoon Rentals and Tours are available on the scenic Lake Murray.

The company has been based near the lake for over 30 years, so their drivers are well-versed in the best ways to spend your day there.

The company’s main goal is to provide excellent boating and sightseeing experiences on Lake Murray.

The boats available here are fully functional, meaning they have an anchor, rope, cooler, map, and ladder.

Swim, sunbathe, and explore the island in Lake Murray, dubbed “The Jewel of South Carolina,” on a private boat excursion along the river shoreline.

Many Purple Martins stop by to roost on this island at night, drawing a crowd of curious boats every time.

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9. Winery of the Mercer Estate

If you enjoy drinking, the Mercer House Estate Winery in Lexington, South Carolina should be at the top of your list of things to do during your time there.

This winery is one of only about ten in the United States that uses only natural ingredients in their wines.

The winery, which occupies an area of around 12 acres, takes great pride in the perfect blend of native grapes harvested from its vineyard nearby.

The vineyard grows more than 50 different fruit varieties, including grapes, pecans, cherries, strawberries, kiwis, pears, figs, peaches, apples, blueberries, and nectarines.

All of the products sold here are made with only natural ingredients and are produced in an environmentally responsible manner.

You can also go wine tasting and find out more about the many classic American methods used in winemaking.

10. Visit the Gibson Pond Park

The Gibson Pond Park encompasses fifteen forested acres and features a walking loop route, bathrooms, picnic shelters, and much more.

The Park is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown Lexington and enjoy the outdoors.

There are a few picnic tables and little trails that go through the woods if you feel like going for a stroll.

The park provides everything you need to host a successful party, corporate gathering, or another special event.

Make a note of it on your list of things to do.

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