The 10 Best Things to do in Forks, WA

Best Things to do in Forks

Are you searching for the 10 best things to do in Forks, WA? Then this article got you covered.

Forks, nestled between the Olympic Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, has a charming and friendly vibe that will have you falling in love with it in no time.

Forks have many exciting things to do and see, making them an ideal destination for your next excursion.

Forks offer a wide range of entertainment options, from sightseeing at well-known landmarks to dining at award-winning eateries to spending quality time in nature with loved ones.

The finest of life may be experienced in Forks, whether you’re just passing through for the weekend or planning to make it your permanent home.

Below are listed the 10 best things to do in Forks, WA, in case you’re looking for more ideas.

1. Take a Twilight Tour of the City

The Twilight Tours by Team Forks is a tour company that takes tourists and Twilight fans to the various locations in and around Forks that were featured in the novels.

The events described in the texts can become real to you, and you can even give voice to your own interpretations.

With Twilight Tours by Team Forks, fans of the films and books can visit the locations made famous in the series and get up and personal with them.

The tour takes visitors to numerous locations in Forks, such as the police station, Cullen’s house, Bella’s house, the hospital, and the prom arch.

Twilight Tours will take care of all the details and get you where you need to go without you having to lift a finger.

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2. Barnes Creek is a Great Place to Unwind

Soothe your nerves in Barnes Creek.

What more could a photographer want than Barnes Creek, with its stunning natural beauty, peaceful ambiance, and the plethora of photogenic locations?

Hiking the pathways along the stream and seeing the native flora and fauna will show you the true splendor of Barnes Creek’s natural setting.

Barnes Creek is not only home to stunning scenery, but also numerous exciting outdoor pursuits that the whole family may enjoy.

Picnic, hike, or just chill out in the serene setting provided by the creek. So loosen up those muscles and go on an amazing adventure in the serene Barnes Creek outdoors.

3. Observe Kalaloch’s Massive Cedar Tree

The Kalaloch Big Cedar tree in Folks is said to be about a thousand years old, with its roots dating back to the time of the Byzantine Empire.

The Big Cedar Tree at Kalaloch has weathered every possible threat to its survival and is currently under the care of Olympic National Park.

In addition to the enormous and historically significant Big Cedar Tree Kalaloch, you may also locate other massive trees in the area.

A short route will take you to the amazing giants of Forks, where you may take in the impressive sights of these massive trees.

Take in the breathtaking sights that can only be seen at Big Cedar Tree Kalaloch, and let yourself be awed by the wonders of nature.

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4. The Tree Root Cave Is a One-of-a-Kind Attraction

In Forks, Washington, the Tree Root Cave is an incredible natural attraction that you shouldn’t pass up.

North of the Kalaloch Lodge, next to the Kalaloch campground, is this thriving tree.

Its singular qualities have resulted in a plethora of nicknames, including “Tree of Life,” “Runway Tree,” and “Kalaloch Tree.”

When you visit this enchanted tree, you’ll notice that its roots appear to be floating in midair.
Visit the Tree Root Cave to learn more about this incredible natural formation and gain first-hand experience.

5. Discover the Past at the Forks Timber Museum

If you are interested in the history of Forks and its timber industry, as well as the history of logging and its associated tools, then you should definitely check out the Forks Timber Museum.

Forks Timber Museum is a popular destination for both visitors and residents.

The Forks Timber Museum houses exhibitions of Quileute culture relics from the area’s early occupants.

Additionally, there are photographs of old trees and examples of antique logging equipment.
Forks’ history, logging history, and more may be learned about on the paths outside the museum as well as inside it.

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6. Go for a Swim at the Quillayute River

You should also check out the Quillayute River, also known as the Quileute River, which is located to the north of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

In order to make the most of a beautiful day, head to the Quillayute River, where you may swim, fish, picnic, raft, or just rest on the banks of the river.

Fishing is the river’s main draw, and anglers can reel in native species like Pink Salmon, Mountain Whitefish, Chum Salmon, Dolly Varden, and many more.

Accessible facilities along the Quillayute River include camping and picnic areas, public parking, and a walk into the coastal wilderness.

Spend a day with your loved ones in the great outdoors by relaxing in the refreshing Quillayute River.

7. In Forks, You May Find the Chamber of Commerce

The Forks Chamber of Commerce is a good resource for finding out about attractions, restaurants, and hotels in the area.

The Forks Chamber of Commerce serves as the city’s tourist information hub, where visitors may get recommendations and advice on where to stay, eat, and buy.

Forks locals would gladly answer any questions you may have and help you plan your visit to the area. The helpful employees at the Forks Chamber of Commerce are a great resource for anyone planning a trip to the area.

You can enjoy the best of what Forks has to offer by joining the Forks Chamber of Commerce.

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8. The Storm Ranger King Station, a Historic Site You Must See

In Forks, one of the historical landmarks is the Storm Ranger King Station, also known as the Storm King Guard Station and the Morgenroth Cabin.

The station’s architectural design is a fantastic example of a North Peninsula wood construction, which is one of the things that makes the building such a popular tourist destination.

In addition to being one of the oldest structures in Forks, the Storm Ranger King Station was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

Hiking the paths near the Storm Ranger King Station is a great way to take in the stunning natural beauty of the area. The beautiful landscapes and rich history of Storm Ranger King Station make for a memorable visit.

9. Enter the World of Art at the Rainforest Art Center

The Rain Forest Art Center is a fantastic destination for art lovers and admirers.

If you’re looking for a place to have a good time in Forks, look no further than the Rain Forest Art Center, where you can see anything from concerts to plays to movies to even weddings.

Visit the gallery at the art center to take in the splendor of art from around the world and the talents of local artists.

Forks also inspired the production of the blockbuster film Twilight, and its set is open to the public so that you can see the costumes and sets that were used in the making of the film.

Anyone interested in art or learning more about Forks’s vibrant art scene should stop by the Rain Forest Art Center.

10. Visit Bogachiel State Park for a Relaxing Afternoon

Bogachiel State Park is a great spot to go for a variety of different forms of outdoor activity and entertainment.

Established in 1931, this 127-acre Forks park is a popular destination for both visitors and locals looking to spend a relaxing afternoon outside.

Bogachiel State Park is a beautiful place to go on picnics, camping trips, hikes, observe birds, and spotting wildlife.

Bogachiel State Park is a wonderful place to spend a day with friends or family if you’re looking for a tranquil and restful outing.

If you find yourself in Forks and have some time to kill, you should definitely check out the beautiful natural surroundings at Bogachiel State Park.

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