The 10 Best Things to do in Bay City Michigan

Best Things to do in Bay City Michigan

You might be searching for the 10 best things to do in Bay City Michigan, if yes, you are on the right blog.

This Michigan community on a lake has a very modest land area but a large population.

Nearly 35,000 individuals name this city their home because of how lovely it is to live in. Only 11.20 square kilometers of land are being used to house all these people.

There are four primary bridges that connect different parts of the city over the Saginaw River, which flows through the city at irregular intervals.

Here we have the Lafayette Avenue Bridge, the Veterans Memorial Bridge, the Independence Bridge, and the Liberty Bridge.

All of these bridges are bascule drawbridges, which means they may be opened and closed at will.

Curious to learn more about this location?

What follows is a list of the 10 best things to do in Bay City, Michigan.

1. Go to Lucky’s Steakhouse for Some Delicious Steaks

Lucky Vasilakis is responsible for the success of today’s popular establishment, Lucky’s Steakhouse.

The menu features a wide variety of mouthwatering options, including several types of steak and chicken.

Many more restaurants with similar names provide seafood and Mexican cuisine.
Aside from steak, this restaurant also does brisk business with seafood.

Such hearty soups as the blossoming onion and the chunk potato cheese are on the menu. We also provide tasty burgers and sandwiches as main courses.

There are a variety of cakes and pies available for dessert, including cheesecake, carrot cake, and key lime pie.

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2. Spend Some Time at Coonan’s Irish Pub and Down a Few Pints

You won’t be disappointed in Bay County’s Best Neighborhood Bar. There are more than 20 different kinds of beer available, including several different types of craft beer.

Beers, cocktails, and other libations of all kinds can be found on the bar’s menu. Bring all your pals and party the night away.

All of the starters and snacks are fantastic with your drinks. Parmesan fries, Irish fried potatoes, jalapeño poppers, onion rings, fried pickles, and Irish potato skins are all available.

The seven varieties of hot dogs on the menu are the restaurant’s specialty.

3. Spend Some Time at the Riverwalk Pier

Walking out on the pier with the waves lapping at your feet is a sight to behold. A walkway can be a wonderful spot to spend some alone or a couple of times.

Spend some quiet time by yourself strolling around the riverwalk. Here, in this peaceful and beautiful setting, you can reflect on your goals and find inner calm.

All the lookouts are purposefully located at the most beautiful sites. It is possible to rent bicycles and ride around the area. Nearby gardens are just as lush and beautiful. You’ll also see a wide range of locals walking their dogs.

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4. Experiment with a Wide Variety of Leisure Options at Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is packed with interesting attractions and places to explore. This park covers a whopping 97 acres and is home to a wide variety of impressive elements.

Some examples are a public harbor, a sports field, and a memorial garden. The diverse and lovely plant species in the Kantzler Memorial Arboretum are sure to impress.

Situated close to the Community Center, it is cared for by local governments. To the north is where you’ll find Davidson, a dry dock.

The Trombley House, the first frame house in Bay County, can be found in this area. Today, this bar is owned by the Bay County Historical Society, which also takes care of it.

It is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Also, it features a gorgeous fitness track with specialized apparatus for elite athletes.

5. Liberty Harbor Marina, New York City

Veterans Memorial Park is home to Liberty Harbor Marina. Both a parking lot and a stand-alone structure are conveniently located close by. The personnel here is friendly and helpful.

The annual schedule for the activities is May through October. In order to meet your specific demands, we provide a wide selection of boats for boat launches.

The Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum is well worth a visit. The USS Edison, a former U.S. Navy destroyer, now serves as a museum.

All 418 feet of its height are on exhibit to the general public. Learn all about the rich history of American navy services and vessels right here.

During the months of September and October, the ship hosts a number of themed attractions, such as Dismazed and the Edison Incident.

Also, this real-life ship is replete with conveniences like ladders and entrances, so have fun while exploring. Halloween times are even more wonderful times to visit.

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6. Indulge in Some Recreation at Wenonah Park

Fun things to do abound here in the warmer months of summer and spring. The park’s amphitheater frequently shows movies and holds other public activities.

Additionally, there are concerts here where you can get your groove on to some groovy tunes.

The Nickless Family Community Pavilion is perfect for conducting events and weddings.
During the winter, the pavilion is flooded with ice and transformed into a gleaming ice skating rink.

Spend some quality time together as a family and go ice skating for the holidays.

The Saginaw River near this vast 6.1-acre park features a very well-built mooring station, where many boats of all shapes and sizes live.

7. The Sage Library Tour

This stunning library is a treasure trove of literature and is included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Designed in the traditional Victorian-era fashion, the building dates back to 1884. This library is a paradise for readers, as it has over 110,000.

The enormous Victorian structure can be explored on one of the numerous tours. It is one of the four components of the Bay County Library System.

Inside you’ll find meeting halls and access to free Wi-Fi around the area. Unfortunately, you can’t drop by the library on the weekend.

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8. Bay City State Park is a Great Place to go Bird-Watching

Bay City State Park is the largest marsh wetlands in the Great Lakes region, and it attracts numerous migratory birds every summer.

There are a lot of wetland animal species that call this place home, and you can go on a safari to observe them. Both forests and grassy fields can be found here.

On days when the beach is closed, visitors can still enjoy themselves in the splash park, which has a unique and entertaining design.

There are water rides that are pleasant for both youngsters and their parents to enjoy.

9. Come Check Out the Oddball Museum of Antique Toys and Fire Engines

Indulge your inner child with a visit to this expansive, upbeat museum housing exquisite vintage toys and automobiles. It also includes fire engines and trucks from different historical periods.

Ships, Hess vehicles, Tonka toys, and Betty Boop toys are just a few of the many iconic toys spanning more than half a century that may be found in the museum’s extensive collection.

Children and adults alike are sure to be fascinated by fire trucks and vintage automobiles.

The NASCAR room, located just inside the main door, serves as the primary showcase for a wide variety of automobiles spanning multiple decades. Various automobile makes and models are also displayed.

The best thing is that kids under the age of four go for free to the museum. It’s really worth your time to come here, and the tickets are cheap.

10. Enjoy a Film at the State

Designed in an Aztec motif, this theater is an architectural masterpiece. Differences between State Theatre and other forms of Mexican theater are most pronounced in the area of Aztec-inspired aesthetics.

It was originally opened as a vaudeville theater in 1908. After that, it went through a series of transformations and upgrades to become what it is now.

As part of Wenonah Park, they show movies for free on a regular basis. The majority of the events held here are free to attend because of the generosity of local companies.

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